Discover our solutions to develop mental resilience of your people and transform organisational culture.

Strong minds perform even in stressful environment

Unmanaged workplace stress results into health problems, loss of productivity, poor leadership and increase in claims. It represents economic burden for organisation, loss in its talents, poor public image and possible legal issues. 

We help you tackle challenge of corporate mental well-being via awareness raising, educational trainings, design of well-being strategy and development of more resilient leaders, managers and employees. 

Our Services

In House Training​

Soft skills and leadership development programmes 

Well-being Strategy design

 Consultancy, data analytics action planning

Outplacement support

Stress management courses for challenging times

Employee Assistance

Private session with coach, mentor or counsellor

Some of our best trainings

Stress Management Modern / shine but dont burnout

Mental Health Awareness / skills for managers

Workplace well-being / Knowledge for HR, LD, HSE professionals

Lincz power mindset program / Perform under pressure

Mindfulness Basics / ancient method for better life

High Performing Team / start with psychological safety

Benefits of our well-being programmes

- Increase performance & well-being and become more attractive employer

- Comply with national government and EU regulations on health and safety at work

- Prevent negative outcomes such as crisis of burnouts, productivity loss, increase in sick leaves and others

- Enhance mental resilience of your people

- Normalise talking about mental health in organisational culture

- Develop authentic leaders instead of nervous bosses

Tailor made to your needs

Delivered in your office, online or
at place of your choice

From problem identification to creations of solutions

From 1 day seminar up to 6 months Well-being programme

Diversity of key themes for you to choose

Our clients

For more information about our solutions please consult your needs with us.