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SMM for managers is an educational program which teaches you how to manage stress, improve work-life balance and approach corporate mental well-being.

The challenge of stress

Zurich Switzerland




5 to 8:30 pm


2 x 3.5 hours


In person Seminar


Katarina Linczenyiova


Max. 15 participants

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About SMM for Managers

We live in the changing world of speed where we are expected to deliver high performance at all costs, as fast and perfect as possible.  Our modern city & digital lifestyles put a lot of stress on our mind and body, sometimes even without us realising it – and other times we create unnecessary stress ourselves. Too much stress can result in serious health problems as well as in decreasing the ability to think rationally.

In this program you will learn how to cope with stress more wisely.  SMM does not only provide a “painkiller pill “– a metaphor for techniques for a quick stress relief.  You will also learn how to manage stress in the long term. 

The consequences of unmanaged stress and poor mental wellbeing in the workplace represent an economic burden for the company, loss in its talents, decreased productivity, and sometimes legal issues. SMM for managers approaches the problem of stress not only from a personal, health, self-development perspective but also from the corporate perspective. This extra content looks at the issue of mental well-being from the view of an organisation and people management.

The COVID‑19 crisis has heightened the importance of taking care of our mental well-being. The capacity to react quickly to big changes have been crucial, yet very stressful. And covid is not gone yet. Learn what can we do next, to prevent burnouts from working in “New Normal”.

Modern Homo Sapiens

Program consists of 3 modules

Learn what is stress, why and how you experience it. Learn how to apply the solutions to help you manage, reduce and prevent it.

Learn practical techniques, tips and frameworks which helps you stay calm and make decisions in diversity of stressful situations.

Introduction into the challenge of corporate well-being and the well-being of your team members in particular. 

„ Mahatma Gandhi sad that peace is not the absence of the conflict, but the ability to deal with it. I say, that inner peace is not an absence of stress, but skills to manage it.
And those skills can be learned „

Katarina Lincz

Program Objectives

Anxiety coping

Handling stressful situation

burnout Prevention & Recovery

Burnout Prevention in "New Normal"

Mental Health

Workplace stress & role of a manager


Inspiration from real stories


Work - Life Balance

physical Health

Stress and health

Breathing benefit


calmness benefit


Your Tutor – Katarina Linczenyiova

Founder of LIA Institute , SMM creator

Katarina is Mentor of stress management and mental resilience, Executive coach, Tutor, recognised Keynote speaker and Consultant of corporate well-being. She is also a former professional athlete in the extreme sport of Freediving. Katarina addresses the topic of stress as a guest speaker at various international events, to name just a few; TEDx, CEO and CFO Forum, Executive Summit and more. She gained her education at different institutions including Oxford. Katarina is also external tutor working with PWC Academy Slovakia. In 2021, Katarina was nominated by ‘Social Awards Slovakia’ among 15 most influential personalities in the category Public health. 

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Learn from authentic experiences

Katarina will share with you her story about how she managed stress during her sport career as one of the world top former athletes when she was diving to lethal depths of the ocean without technical devices. How  she managed burnout and difficult health situation and also what are her experiences with working as a consultant in the field of corporate mental well-being.


” Katarina Linczenyiova – exceptional lecturer of stress management .”
Vladimir Vano
Vladimir Vano
Chief economist / Mazars, Austria
“ There is always a part of my brain saying: Stop getting comfortable, don’t relax ! Awesome, Katarina change it in just one hour! I feel I am closer to mindfulness and I can enjoy the serenity that her methods brings. Priceless in these hectic times we live in. ” ​
Roman Slovinec
Roman Slovinec
Founder, Board Member CFO Club Slovakia / Co-Founder EBCG (European Business Conferences Group)
“ Katarina Linczenyiova is a great speaker, who has the ability to connect with her audience and inspire. She brings her personal story and the skills she has acquired while developing herself as high performance athlete to the corpo- rate world, and offers applicable tools for stress and performance management that I personally have found useful and enriching. Her perspective provides a different angle to face and cope with challenging situations that require focus, agile decision making and objective actions. I highly recommend her as a speaker and mentor because of her expertise and the level of engagement from the audience that she achieves. “
Gabriela Salgado
Gabriela Salgedo
Head Key Account Management / Swiss Re, Latin America


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21 - 22 July

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