Power Breath Basic Class - POBB

Discover an extraordinary tool that you have always with you – power of your own breath.

3 hours


Online - Webinar




Katarina Linczenyiova


Max. 14 participants

Group Size

About Power Breath Basic Class

POBB is short and practical educational class that teaches basic breathing techniques used in yoga, freediving and other practises and how to use them to improve patterns of general breathing in everyday life, relieve stress and reach relaxation. Class is suitable for beginners with none or only little experience with breathwork. 

POBB focus

Science of Breathing – Back to the origin back to the body. Discover health benefits of proper breathing

Stress – Trigger your nervous system to relieve stress and reach relaxation. 

Enrolment Prerequisites : min. age 18

Content : presentation, meditation, various breathing exercises and guidance

Next course : October 2020

What will you learn ?

  • Improve and use your breathing as one of the most extraordinary tools
  • Relieve stress
  • Relax on your demand
  • Train basic breathing techniques used in freediving and yoga

Your Lector – Katarina Linczenyiova

Founder of LIA Institute and LINCZ Method

Katarina is a creator of POBB, mentor of stress management and mental resilience, educator, coach, motivational speaker and former pro athlete in the sport of freediving. She reached the depth of eighty-five metres on a single breath of air, which was the third deepest female dive in this sport in the world in the constant weight discipline in 2013.Katarina address topic of stress as a guest speaker of many international events, such as CEO Forums, Executive Summits, TEDx and she study stress and related fields at different institutions including Oxford. She has given lectures in many countries in EU but also in Australia and USA.

A Real Experience behind Power Breath Breathing Class


During POBB, Katarina will share with you her own experience with mastering the art of breathing. As a former world top breath hold diver, she has been training various breathing exercises every day for 6 years and her record in breath hold is nearly 7 minutes. Katarina is also internationally qualified instructor of breath hold diving and breathing exercises. 

Program Objectives

Breathing benefit


Stress relief benefit

Stress Relief

calmness benefit


Master Breathing

In this class, we do not teach any extreme breath holds. Such advance breathing techniques can be learned in Power Breath Advance Class which you can join after completing POBB. 

POBB focus on basic techniques which are easy to learn but powerful and very practical.



Upcoming dates

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29 October


20 November

5pm – 8pm CEST


New dates
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