Lincz Power Mindset Program - LIPMA

Program of personal and professional development, where you will learn how to manage stress, improve well-being, performance, mental strength and how to use different methods such as mindfulness, self coaching or mental training.

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6 x 3 hours in 3 weeks


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Katarina Linczenyiova


Max. 12 participants

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About Lincz Power Mindset Program

LIPMA is structured educational program which focus on teaching diversity of soft skills, notably complex stress management skills, mindfulness, mental resilience, goal setting,self coaching and how to use all this new knowledge to grow as person at home as well as professional at work.

Participants will learn how to train the mind and specific practical techniques, such as breathing or meditations. 

Program is not about few quick “tips and tricks“ – we teach you how can you experience higher well-being and performance.

LIPMA je pútavý, praktický, štruktúrovaný a rozmanitý vzdelávací program sebarozvoja

LIPMA consists of 3 unique modules and additional pre & post program education

You will receive text, audio and video materials for self study one week before the start of Module 1.

See the big picture – learn about problematic of stress, healthy lifestyle and power of human mind. Get to know your stress, mind, breath and body. Find first basic solutions to improve your well-being.

Train your natural abilities such as concentration or breathing, learn mindfulness, best stress management practises and unique techniques such as deep relaxation or meditation. Adapt new skills to your needs. 

Master your mind and learn to work with your thoughts, set goals and create your own strategy. Turn all this knowledge into action in everyday life. 

You have an opportunity to join private one to one online session (1 hour) with your lector and discuss your progress up to two weeks since the end of Module 3.

Duration of each Module : 2 x 3 hours in one week - for example every Monday and Wednesday evening

Content : presentations, theory, practical exercises, storytelling, discussions among participants, home work, process of self reflection, action planning

Enrolment Prerequisites : min. age 18

Next course : November 2020

What will you learn ?

  • Respond wisely in different stressful situations instead of reckless reacting 
  • Cope with stressful emotions, thoughts, feelings, behaviours or body sensations
  • Change unhealthy habits, for example multitasking, thinking negatively and many more
  • Create your own strategy for self-improvement and self-care




  • How to be mindful, have a clear, focused and open mind
  • Relieve tensions from your mind and body and reach inner calm 
  • Build mental resilience and stay calm even out of the comfort zone
  • Different meditations, exercises for breathing, relaxation, concentration, kindness and more

Your Lector – Katarina Linczenyiova

Founder of LIA Institute

Katarina is a creator of LIPMA, mentor of stress management and mental resilience, educator, certified coach, motivational speaker and former pro athlete in the extreme sport of freediving. She reached the depth of eighty-five metres on a single breath of air, which was the third deepest female dive in this sport in the world in the constant weight discipline in 2013. 

Katarina address topic of stress as a guest speaker of many international events, such as CEO Forums, Executive Summits, TEDx and she study related fields at different institutions including Oxford. She has given lectures in many countries in EU but also in Australia and USA.

A Life story behind Lincz Power Mindset Program


During LIPMA, Katarina will share with you her own experience with managing stress when she was in a battle with broken health, which mental training she did during her athletic career as a freediver, few techniques and meditations which she developed herself during her career as coach, how she managed her burnout as well as what did she discovered about happiness, humanism and power of right mindset during her travels and expeditions in more than 60 countries around the world. 

LIPMA will inspire you to grow as a person and a professional

We do not only teach few soft skills about how to manage stress, practice mindfulness or reach goals. We give you an opportunity to transform yourself into mentally stronger and
self-aware individual and to become your own best coach. Such change does not happen overnight - that is why your LIPMA journey will take approx. one month

Learn how to have inner calm, mental strength and meditate like a Buddhist monk. Be in the present moment

Think with clarity, logic and pragmatism like ancient Roman philosophers. Lead yourself to be a better version of yourself

Learn how to manage stress, overcome limits and perform even outside of comfort zone like extreme outdoor athletes​

Learn how to experience more of a feeling of happiness and joy like small children still do, but we serious adults seem to forget it​

Program Objectives

Anxiety coping

Learn how can you remain calm and mentally strong even in diversity of stressful situations and how can you manage moments where you are under pressure.  

Power Mindset

You are in control of your mind. Learn mental training, work with your thoughts and emotions, clear your mind and train it to be more resilient and focused. Learn to think with more logic and improve your decision making and problem solving skills. 

Personal Development

Nobody knows you so well as you know yourself. You are yours best advisor. Learn how you can lead yourself with more structure. Change unhealthy habits, be more productive, define your goals, make a plan but maintain work life balance and prevent burnouts. 

calmness benefit

Let go of mental or physical tensions, reach deep relaxation, find inner peace, happiness, cultivate kindness, improve your well-being and quality of sleep.  

mindfulness benefit

We waste our energy on thinking about the past and worry about the future. Learn how to be in present moment, aware about what is inside you and outside you. Observe the world with open mind and curiosity instead of judging and bias. 

Breathing benefit

Back to the basic, back to the body. Improve your breathing and use it as an extraordinary tool for managing stress and gaining energy. Learn breathing techniques used in freediving and yoga. Be more aware about what you feel in your body and its needs. 


Learn how to communicate assertively in times of stress, set healthy boundaries but also be better listener, more emphatic, aware of your interaction with others. 

Self Awareness

Discover more about yourself, where are your strengths, weaknesses, what brings you joy, stress or fulfillment.

Organisation Culture

Different societies in the world have different approach towards stress or well-being. We can understand how our society shaped our ways of thinking and how can philosophy enrich our life.



Upcoming dates

3 weeks, every monday and wednesday evening, in English

Modul 1

9 - 11 November
6pm – 9pm CEST

Modul 2

16 - 18 November
6pm – 9pm CEST

Modul 3

23 - 25 November
6pm – 9pm CEST

Strategy planning

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