In our educational programmes we challenge who you are to become who you can be. More mentally resilient, self aware and healthier leader.

Winning Mindset

Stress is natural and good. But excessive amount of unmanaged stress for prolonged period of time, is counterproductive, having negative affect on our health, finances, happiness, capacity to lead and decreasing ability to focus, think with clarity or make unbiased decisions. Job of executives is mentally challenging, simply by its nature. For leaders, stress management skills & building mental resilience is vital necessity.

Leading under the pressure

Executives face unique areas of stress and constrains that usually exceed understanding of other people or regular coaches and which are hard or impossible to avoid. Speed of work life, social isolation, pain of downsizing, double bind shareholder expectations and more factors makes the top chair not always the most comfortable one.  We address this complexity in our executive development programmes.

” If a leader breaks under the pressure and gets stressed in situation that is out of his comfort zone he cant expect people under his responsibility to remain calm, rational or pragmatic. Stress is contagious, but so is calmness and steadiness. ”

Katarina Lincz

Get inspired by extreme athletes

Athletes, especially those in extreme & outdoor sports, are praised for their seemingly natural abilities to perform even out of their comfort zone, for enduring hardship and stress and for astonishing mental resilience. But those abilities are actually skills and certain attitudes which can be learn !

Your tutor, Katarina Lincz, one of the deepest diving woman athletes in the world who managed to dive to 95m in the ocean on single breath of air and who broken several national records, will show you how to adopt the power mindset of top athletes and she will teach you exciting techniques of mental training, breathing and many more. 

From Executives to Executives

The best advisor for a strongminded leader is another peer. We provide you with an opportunity to meet experienced senior executives who share their own story and know-how about managing their stress or even burnout and leading company in turbulent times – exclusively during our masterclasses which are authentic, challenging and confidential.

a life Experience, not a boring classroom education

Of course, we can come to your office in the city or talk to you online. But we prefer to take you to places where your mind can get a fresh perspective. From Mont Blanc in Chamonix to Maledives or best wellness locations in whole Europe, we usually organise executive development programmes in our trusted venues where you can reenergise your mind and body, talk privately with the tutors, enjoy relaxed atmosphere and focus fully on yourself. This is a perfect opportunity for a team building as well. 

Who we work with

We offer different services for soon to be executives, executives with experience or executives who are preparing to retire. You can choose a complex in house training & educational programme for you and your team or to join an open enrolment masterclass where you have an opportunity to meet executives from other companies or to choose private, one to one coaching & mentoring session with a coach. 


“ Stress is about how we perceive a reality around us. There is a lot of triggers that can bring stress in us, our heart rate raises, breathing gets fast and shallow. Stress can trigger a lot of chronic diseases and it is vital to have a good knowledge on how to manage it. We tried different breathing exercises with Katarina, in the basic work with stress for example we used a slow breathing technique and in free diving no breathing. I reached relaxation and focus and managed to stay three minutes under water in a pool without breathing, something that I never imagined I could be capable of achieving. “
Andrej Zaťko
Andrej Zaťko
CEO / Poštová Banka
“ Katarina is an accomplished sportswoman, competent coach and truly inspiring speaker. Our seminar with her gave us a new perspective for our personal development. Whenever Katarina takes you to conference room or to a tropical island, her techniques will take you to a new level of understanding yourself and managing everyday tensions and stress."
Michal Nosek
Michal Nosek
Chairman of the board, Shareholder / Plastika

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