About LIA Institute

We advocate for popularising education on topics related to personal & professional development, mental fitness and self care.


Breathe. Stress less. Perform greater. Feel better. Live more vibrant life.

LIA Mission

Our Mission is to help organisations grow by developing its people and to help
individuals learn new soft skills so they know how to reduce suffering, stress and improve well-being, performance, mental abilities, health and utilize potential.

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The challenge of stress

The challenge of stress

We live and work in a constantly changing world of speed under pressure to deliver high performance and adapt quickly. We are expected to carry professional but also personal duties fast and perfectly, under an avalanche of data to think about.

Burnouts, poor performance, unhappiness, lack of logic and clarity in decision making and more are possible consequences of unmanaged prolonged stress.

Not many people know, that they can learn how to manage stress or train the mind and body via soft skills training.

Our Solutions

Learning soft skills, mindfulness, stress management strategies, adopting power mindset, changing unhealthy habbits and building mental resilience on an individual level, innovating well- being culture and development of more self aware leaders on an organisatonal level and enhancing education on those topics on societal level prevents negative outcomes and in same time leads towards many benefits for all.

LIA Mission