About LIA Institute

We advocate for popularising education on topics related to mental wellbeing and self development. In a world full of burnouts and a need for high performance, we aspire to reduce stigma and make training of our mind essential.

About LIA Institute

LIA Institute is an EU based company offering training and Management consultancy services in the field of mental well-being in the  workplace; including personal, professional and leadership development.  We design and deliver tailor made solutions in the form of group training, individual sessions and corporate well-being strategy.


Our Mission is to help organisations enhance well-being, resilience and productivity in the workplace and to educate individuals on how to use soft skills to manage stress, improve mental fitness and utilise potential.


LIA institute brings intelligence together.  We form a network of experienced consultants from different fields who are masters of their skills. You will find executives, HR specialists, athletes, psychologists, coaches and others professionals, from the EU and UK.  We believe that diversity of specializations as well the cultures, helps us address people management and development on a deeper level.

Our Solutions


Providing open enrolment soft skills trainings, coaching, mentoring and counselling


Creating  healthier culture, wellbeing strategy and development of more resilient leaders


Enhancing education and raising awareness among general public via public appearances

LIA Institute Consultants

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