About LIA Institute

We advocate for popularising education on topics related to mental fitness and mental wellbeing. In a world full of burnouts and a need for high performance, we aspire to make training of our mind essential.

LIA Institute Mission

Our Mission is to help organisations improve well-being and productivity at the workplace and to educate individuals on how to use soft skills to manage stress, improve mental fitness and utilise potential on the journey of personal and professional  development.

Our Values





The challenge of stress

We live and work in a constantly changing world of speed under pressure to deliver high performance and adapt quickly, under an avalanche of data to think about. Burnouts, poor performance and wellbeing, lack of logic and clarity in decision making and more are possible consequences of unmanaged prolonged stress.

Our Solutions

Individual level

Providing soft skills trainings, coaching and mentoring

Organisational level

Innovating culture and development of more self aware leaders

Societal level

Enhancing education and raising awareness

LIA Institute Consultants

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