Katarina Linczenyiova

It's inspiring to gain an understanding that we can train our mind to increase performance, mental strength, social skills and in the same time move towards reducing stigma around mental well-being in our society.

Founder of LIA Institute

Katarina Linczenyiova, founder of LIA Institute, is a mentor of stress management and mental resilience, educator, certified coach, corporate well-being consultant, lecturer of MBCT ( Mindfulness based cognitive training ), acclaimed motivational speaker, instructor of breathwork and former professional athlete.

Katarina address problematic of stress as a guest speaker of many international events, such as CEO Forums, Executive Summits, TEDx and others. She obtained education at different institutions including Oxford and she has given lectures in many countries in EU where she is based, but also in Australia and USA.

Addressing Mental Well-being

Katarina’s fascination for human mind started at young age after she experienced benefits which came with proper mental training and self-care, such as higher performance, well-being and less stress. However, she realised that there is a stigma around word “mental” in our society. She raise awareness about this problematic within corporations and also during public appearances and she aims to provide solutions via LIA Institute. 

Katarina is an author and creator of various educational programs for leaders, management but also general public as well as her own method of stress relief. 

Former Sport Career

Katarina used to compete in the extreme sport of free diving, representing Slovak Republic as an athlete, reaching the depth of eighty five metres on a single breath of air, which was the third deepest female dive in the world in the constant weight discipline in 2013. She currently still holds all the national records. 

Nature Conservation

Katarina has been involved in making nature documentaries (there is also a movie about Katarina’s life), CSR, volunteering activities and ocean conservation projects with affirmation on education for sustainable development. 

Personal Motivation

At a young age, Katarina faced painful health difficulties which deeply affected her life. She believes that her choices to lead a more healthy lifestyle combined with a boost in mental fitness which happened during her decade-long sport & meditation practice, have been key elements in turning the direction of her life from nearly being confined to a wheelchair , instead being able to experiencing higher well-being and stronger health.