Katarina Linczenyi

About Katarina Linczenyi


Katarina Linczenyi is founder and director of LIA Institute, Mentor of stress management and mental resilience, Accredited Executive Coach, HR consultant focused on workplace well-being, recognised KeyNote Speaker and former pro freedive Athlete. 

Katarina addresses the topic of stress as a guest speaker at various international events, to name just a few; TEDx, CEO, CFO, CIO Forums, Executive Summit and many more. In 2021, Katarina was nominated by ‘Social Awards Slovakia’ among 15 most influential personalities in the category Public Health. Her tips for stress management are featured in media like Forbes, Slovak Bar Association, RedBull, Alpha Medical.

Katarina is one of the soft skills tutors at PwC Academy Slovakia. She delivered her services to clients, such us: Swiss Re, Veolia, KIA, T-Com, Roche, Schoenherr, Banking association for Central and Eastern Europe, Generali and others.

Katarina created a curriculum of several soft skills programmes for leaders, managers, employees and general public, as well as her own unique method of stress relief – Lincz Method. She has given lectures in countries in the EU where she is based, but also in Australia and the USA. She gained her education & qualifications at different institutions including Oxford. At the moment she is studying general psychology. 

Katarina has worked in the field of corporate well-being, performance coaching and sport for more than 10 years. She coached clients from different cultures and industries which included: directors of banks, shareholders, athletes, engineers from the energy industry, managers from the automotive industry, lawyers amongst others.

Katarina is also a former professional athlete in the extreme sport of Freediving. She reached the depth of eighty-five metres on a single breath of air, which ranked her the third deepest female dive with monofin in the world in 2013, when she was only 20 years old. She still holds all national records for Slovakia. She is a founder and leading instructor of sport club Freedive Kyanos.