Katarina Linczenyiova

It's inspiring to gain an understanding that we can train the mind to increase performance, mental resilience, social skills and in the same time move towards reducing mental health stigma in our society.

Promoting Mental Resilience & Wellbeing

Katarina Linczenyiova is the founder and director of LIA Institute, Mentor of stress management and mental resilience, Executive coach, recognised Keynote speaker, Consultant of mental wellbeing in the workplace, Tutor of breath work, soft skills and mindfulness based programmes. Katarina specialise on topic of stress and power mindset in leadership. 

She addresses the topic of stress as a guest speaker at various international events, to name just a few; TEDx, CEO, CFO, CIO Forums, Executive Summit and many more.  She delivered her services to clients such as Swiss Re, Roche, SEB Bank and others. 

In 2021, Katarina was nominated by ‘Social Awards Slovakia’ among 15 most influential personalities in the category Public Health. 


People Development

Katarina created a curriculum of several educational programs for C level executives, leaders, managers and public as well as her own method of stress relief (Lincz Method).  She has given lectures in countries in the EU where she is based, but also in Australia and the USA. She gained her education at different institutions including Oxford. 

Katarina is also one of the tutors at PwC Academy Slovakia.

She coached clients from different cultures and industries which included: directors of banks, shareholders, athletes, engineers from the energy industry, managers from the automotive industry, amongst others.


From extreme sport to the corporate world

Katarina is a former professional athlete in the extreme sport of Freediving.  She reached the depth of eighty-five metres on a single breath of air, which ranked her the third deepest female dive with monofin in the world in 2013. She is still a holder of all depth national records. Katarina have been in top sport for nearly 10 years and she is still training occasionally. 

She shares her experiences and real story with managing stress and performing ‘out of comfort zone’ during deep dives in the ocean with her clients.  She explains how certain skills and winning mindset can be used in under pressure situations in the office and everyday life.

Public Appearances

Slovak Bar Association published 3 publications of Katarina which address stress and wellbeing of lawyers. Katarina’s story of her own burnout was published in the Forbes book, Nevyhoreni.  Her experiences and tips for stress management are featured in the media like Forbes, RedBull, MarieClaire, Alpha Medical Press and others.

Unleashing the power of the Mind & body

At a young age, Katarina faced painful health difficulties which deeply affected her life. She believes that her choices to lead a more healthy lifestyle combined with a boost in mental resilience which happened during her decade-long sport and every day meditation & mental training practice, have been key elements in turning the direction of her life from nearly being confined to a wheelchair , instead being able to experiencing higher well-being, stronger health and resilient & joyful mind. 

Katarina is currently studying psychology with an interest in Neuroscience and is developing her own method of stress relief. 

Ocean exploration & Sustainability


Katarina offers pro bono educational presentations for children in primary schools with focus on sustainable development and especially ocean ecosystems, climate change, biodiversity loss and plastic pollution. She raises the awareness about sustainability during her speeches for adults as well. 

Katarina is the founder of boutique sport club offering freediving courses for general public and team building for companies. The Kyanos Club, is based in Slovakia but organise private ocean expedition and freediving seminars around the world, bringing people closer to nature.