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We offer soft skills trainings and educational programs mainly focus on stress management, mental fitness, high performance, mindfulness, personal and professional development, authentic leadership and LINCZ Method. We also provide mentoring & coaching services and motivational speaking for corporations, executives, conference producers and  public. 

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Why stress matters ?

Experiencing stress is natural and can be useful in our work and lives . But excessive amounts of stress for a prolonged period is contraproductive. Consequences of unmanaged stress represents an economic burden, serious health risks and human suffering.
Why stress maters

Health problems

Chronic stress leads to health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety and more.

Lost working days

60% of all lost working days in EU are due to work related stress

617 billion euros per year

Cost of depression due to work in EU is estimated at 617 billion euros per year

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LIA Institute Mission

Our Mission is to help organisations improve well-being and productivity at the workplace and to educate individuals on how to use soft skills to manage stress, and utilise potential on the journey of personal and professional  development. 

Katarina Linczenyiova

Founder of LIA Institute and LINCZ Method

Katarina is a mentor of stress management and mental resilience, educator, coach, motivational speaker and former pro athlete in the sport of freediving. She reached the depth of eighty-five metres on a single breath of air, which was the third deepest female dive in this sport in the world in the constant weight discipline in 2013. Katarina address topic of stress as a guest speaker of many international events, such as CEO Forums, Executive Summits, Forbes 30 under 30, TEDx and she study stress and related fields at different institutions including Oxford. She has given lectures in many countries in EU but also in Australia and USA.


Not a boring consultancy

LIA Institute experts are masters of their skill – world top athletes and mentors like our founder Katarina Lincz, experienced senior executives and renowed specialists teach from their own experience and have an authentic story to share with you. 

Not a boring consultancy

Discover LINCZ Method

LINCZ Method of stress management and mental resilience is a new concept developed by mentor Katarina Linczenyiova. This unique method involves exposure to aquatic environment as a tool for stress relief. You can experience the method during our courses. 



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