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Take a deep breath and shine without burning out
Well Being In the Workplace
Improve productivity, transform organisational culture and develop strong leaders
Executive development
Enhance mental resilience, master your mind and dont crack under pressure
Personal, Professional Growth
In the world of change, you can't face challenges of tomorrow with the mindset of yesterday
Soft Skills Trainings
the skills of future which devides us from robots

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workplace well-being, strategy design, for HR, L&D, HSE departments


and mentoring for personal,  professional and leadership development

Soft skills Training

stress management, mental resilience, communication, mindfulness and many more

Motivational Speaking

storytelling to raise awareness, inspire for high performance or reduce mental health stigma

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Why stress matters ?

Experiencing stress is natural and is useful in our work and lives . But
excessive amounts of stress for a prolonged period is contraproductive.
Consequences of unmanaged stress represents an economic burden, serious health risks, poor leadership and human suffering.

Why stress maters

Health problems

Chronic stress leads to health problems such as heart attacks, autoimmune disorders, depression, burnout and many others.

Lost working days

60% of all lost working days in EU are due to work related stress

617 billion euros per year

Cost of depression due to work in EU is estimated at 617 billion euros per year

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LIA Institute Mission

Our Mission is to help organisations improve well-being and productivity at the workplace, reduce mental health stigma and to train individuals on how to use soft skills to manage stress, improve mental resilience and utilise potential on the journey of personal, professional and leadership development. 


Not a boring consultancy

LIA Institute experts are masters of their skill – world top athletes and mentors like our founder Katarina Lincz, experienced senior executives and HR consultants have an authentic story to share with you. 

Not a boring consultancy

Katarina Linczenyiova

Founder of LIA Institute

It's inspiring to gain an understanding that we can train our mind to increase performance, mental strength, social skills and in the same time move towards reducing mental health stigma in our society.


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