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Breathe. Stress less. Perform greater. Feel better. Live more vibrant life.

We provide solutions for more productive organizations and happier, healthier and mentally stronger individuals.

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We offer mentoring & coaching services, educational programmes, soft skills, custom made corporate trainings and motivational speaking for organisations, executives, conference producers and general public.

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Our expertise is in fields of mental resilience, stress management, peak performance, leadership, breathwork, aquatic therapy, personal development and well-being in the work place.

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Why stress matters ?

Experiencing stress is natural and can be useful in our work and lives . But excessive amounts of stress for a prolonged period is contraproductive. Consequences of unmanaged stress represents an economic burden, serious health risks and human suffering.
Why stress maters

Health problems

Chronic stress leads to health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety and more.

Lost working days

60% of all lost working days in EU are due to work related stress

617 billion euros per year

Cost of depression due to work in EU is estimated at 617 billion euros per year

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For organisation

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“Peace is not an absence of difficulty or stress, but the ability to deal with it. Those abilities, skills and attitudes can be learned and strengthened. We teach you how. “

LIA Mission

LIA Mission

Our Mission is to help organisations grow by developing inclusive culture and to help individuals reduce suffering, stress and improving wellbeing, performance, mental abilities, health and utilize potential.

We advocate for non stigmatising the topics related to mental health and instead popularising topics related to personal & professional development, mental fitness and self care.

Váš lektor – Katarína Linczényiová

Katarina Linczenyiova

Director & Founder of LIA Institute and Lincz Method of mental resilience

“We can’t avoid change with it’s parallel of uncertainty and stress, not in our personal lives and neither in a constantly evolving environment such as business. Our best choice is adaptation, as we have come to realise during the COVID-19 pandemic. We may not have the power over stressful situations around us, but our power lies in the freedom to decide how wisely and mindfully we respond to it.”


Not a boring consultancy

Lincz Method of mental resilience and stress management is developed by our founder, coach and therapist Katarina Linczenyiova – former pro athlete in sport of freediving, third deepest woman on the world in 2013 in cwt discpline who reached the depth of 85m on signgle breath of air.

Learn from the best, improve via experience, make it joyfull. Discover finest techniques and mind skills used by outdoor athletes, top executives and therapists – get inspired by fascinating nature of the human mind.

Not a boring consultancy

"Lincz Method – Natural Hack for greater well-being, performance, mental strength and less stress."

Discover pillars of Lincz Method


Back to origin, back to body. With our breathworks you trigger nervous system to gain calm, stability and focus.


Your mind is an obedient servant, but a failing master. Gain more control over it and train it to be resilient even outside comfort zone.

Aquatic therapy

Discover a harmonious state of calm in which you feel lighter in your body and mind while water flow takes away your inner tension.


Evolve yourself, enhance decision making and broaden your perspectives. You can’t face challenges of tomorrow with mindset of yesterday.



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